Girl with fragile hair

What causes hair thinning in young females

Does your hair suddenly feel thinner and fragile? Are you worried to lose your mane because eventually people will start to notice and all your confidence will go down the drain? Hair loss, medically called alopecia, doesn’t affect only older people. Many young women face this situation too. In fact, 40% of women deal with hair loss by the age of 30. But there’s no need to worry! You’re not alone, and there are many available options for you.

How much is too much?

Hair shedding is normal to some degree. Studies have shown that the average person loses about 100 hairs a day, even more, when they shower. But if you have noticed there is more hair on your brush than usually and you feel it’s thinner than it used to be, here are some likely causes:

  1.    A possible motive for hair thinning is hormones. According to WebMD, testosterone transforms into DHT, the main enemy of the hair follicles which makes hair almost impossible to survive. Women have trace amounts of testosterone in their blood circulation as well under normal conditions. But if the levels of the hormone increase above the tolerated limit, it makes the mane thinner and eventually may lead to hair loss. If you are thinking about your hair health, you can monitor your hormone levels and make sure you maintain within the physiological limits.
  2.    Your diet can influence the health of the scalp as well, thus leading to hair thinning and eventually alopecia. There are a few ingredients you should take into consideration to improve your scalp health. According to  The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, marine-origin proteins and carbohydrates have been clinically proven to enhance thickness and elasticity as well as vitamin C, iron and other minerals. You should also avoid alcohol, mercury and synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame.  
  3.    There are also other causes that you need to take into consideration, such as underlying health issues like polycystic ovary, scalp infection, medication, extremely physical and emotional stress, and overexposure to the sun.

Don’t despair! Knowledge is power. The most efficient way to fight any hair thinning issues is to know what you’re up against and find the most suitable solution for your problem. Knowing what can cause alopecia means you’ve already won half the battle, so don’t give up now.

hotel in South Wales

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